Here is a list of screenshots, showing the interpreter running on a variety of operating systems. The images are all scaled-down; simply click on them to see them in full size.

QTads running Shaun W. Donaldson's Macrocosm in openSUSE (11.3):

Screenshot of Macrocosm

QTads running Neil K. Guy's Six Stories in Gentoo Linux:

Screenshot of Six Stories

Of course, non-multimedia games are supported as well. This is Jim Aikin's April in Paris running in Ubuntu (9.10):

Screenshot of April in Paris

QTads running Stephen Granade's Arrival in Mac OS X (10.6):

Screenshot of Arrival

QTads running Aidan Doyle's Bolivia By Night in Windows 7:

Screenshot of Bolivia By Night

QTads running Stephen Granade's Common Ground in Windows XP:

Screenshot of Common Ground

QTads running John “Doppler” Schiff's Threnody in Gentoo Linux:

Screenshot of Threnody

QTads running Peter Nepstad's 1893: A World's Fair Mystery in Ubuntu (10.04):

Screenshot of 1893: A World's Fair Mystery

QTads running Scott Starkey's The Beetmonger's Journal in Gentoo Linux:

Screenshot of The Beetmonger's Journal