Interactive Fiction is still alive and kicking. New games by several authors keep coming, and some of them can hold their ground compared to the commercial releases of the past.


There are two IF-related Usenet newsgroups. The first is RGIF, which is short for: (for your newsreader) (on Google Groups)

where people are talking about IF games in general; things they like in games, things they don't like, things they hope to see in future games, requests for hints and solutions, reviews of games, announcements of new games/software or happenings, stuff like that.

The other newsgroup is RAIF, which stands for: (for your newsreader) (on Google Groups)

This newsgroup is for everyone who is interested in creating games. Many IF authors use to hang around there, so this newsgroup is an excellent place to post questions about IF theory or authorship (like programming questions).

For reading and posting to Usenet newsgroups, you can use Google Groups, though it's better to use a newsreader for this task (like Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook Express). If your ISP does not provide an NNTP Usenet server for you to use, you can have a look at some freely accessible ones.

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