Quite a few people contributed to the development of QTads over the years. Thanks fly out to:

(All entries are listed alphabetically by first name.)
Adam Thornton
Adrien Beau
Andrew Plotkin
Alan Mead
Beni Serfaty
C.E.J. Pacian
Chris Odhner
Christophe Antoine
Curt Siffert
Daniel Schepler
Denis Pokataev
Emily Boegheim
Eric Eve
Eric Forgeot
Erik Temple
Greg Boettcher
Guilherme De Sousa
Jim Aikin
Joe Mason
Kodath duMatri
Kris Kennaway
Krister Fundin
Leif Huhn
Marc Simpson
Ming Hua
Nicolas Lécureuil
Petter Sjölund
Rémi Verschelde
Rune Berg
Samuel Verschelde
Stefan Müller
Thom Brown
Tomas Blaha
Tony Houlbrooke

Thanks everyone for the ideas, source code and bug reports. Also thanks to everyone who donated to this project. And of course, Mike Roberts; if there would be no Mike, there would be no Tads!

The design for this website was inspired by the MXE project page.